Thursday, 2 May 2013

Long absence and Overdue Review on Floral Back Pack

I have no real excuse for my long extended absence, but I want to make use of this quick update to acknowledge my silent readers who continued to come back for updates. My last update was back in 2012 but blog stats still report daily hits. Thank you for staying with me.

Secondly, I recently had to transfer my blog to a different account because of some issues with my original account handle. I almost had a mini heart attack when I realized there may be a chance that I would have to close this blog. I suppose it would sound ridiculous, especially since I haven't got much on this blog and I don't even update consistently.. but just the thought that I could potentially lose it all was enough to scare me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to salvage some pictures from my original blog as I wasn't aware they were account specific and would not transfer over. All in all with my whining aside, I'm just extremely glad I managed to hang on to this blog.

I don't know what the future holds for this blog, but as for now I have the internet.. Let the mayhem commence.


I apologize for this extremely long overdue review on the floral backpack I promised to do back in 2012, but to show my utmost sincerity I requested help from a "volunteer model".

First Impression 
When I first received the back pack, I was very happy to see that it looked exactly like the stock photo.  As I'm sure many of you who frequent eBay are aware, it is a common issue to receive items that look nothing like the stock photo. I've been a victim of said issue one too many times now but I'm glad this back pack was true to description and photo. That's definitely one of largest gambles of purchasing cheap oversea items from eBay. 

The material of the back pack is extremely thin and non-water proof. I can't say I was expecting anything more because of the cheap price tag. I just made sure to carry a large umbrella to keep my bag from soaking wet on rainy days. Although the inside of the bag was lined, I still encountered soaked textbooks and notes on extremely wet days. Yay for Raincouver!

The straps were extremely flimsy and tore easily. As you can tell from the pictures, once a rip happens, it's entirely impossible and futile to fix. Sewing up the tear will only result in more stretching of the cheap material. I had a sneaking suspicion I would encounter rips due to the nature of the straps, so I made sure to avoid carrying too much in the bag. Unfortunately once that first rip happens, things just start to get progressively worse from there.

Again, due to the cheap price tag.. I didn't have high expectations on the quality. However the bag only lasted about one semester, that's about 3 months and some. I would strongly advise against carrying anything heavy or allowing all weight to be placed on one single strap.

Purchase Again?
Despite the poor quality, I definitely think the cute factor and cheap price tag outweigh the cons. I think I just may purchase another one for the upcoming fall semester. I received some many compliments and I was so sad when I finally reached the point where I could no longer trust the straps to support the back pack. If I do end up purchasing another one, I'm pretty decided on sticking with black just because it goes well with every outfit.

Did any of you guys end up purchasing one? If so, let me know what your thoughts were on the bag!

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