Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NOTD - Simple Glitter Tips


Today's Nails of the Day features 2 new Essie polishes I recently received:

Lapiz of Luxury // Set in Stones (Luxeffects)

Lapiz of Luxury is the perfect Periwinkle blue! However the application was a wee bit challenging to work with. I'm not sure if my base coat had anything to do with it, but this applied like a jelly polish.. far from what I had expected it to be. Anyways, with that said I applied 2 even coats (allowed dry time in between) to achieve the opaqueness pictured above.

Set in Stone is apart of Essie's Luxeffects Multi Dimenison Top Coats and it is absolutely gorgeous! I applied  it directly to the top half of the nail. Initially I had plans to recreate an ombre glitter tip with the finer glitter gradually fading to the bottom half of the nail. Unfortuately, I forgot to place another polish in-between the two as a gradient to really meld the two polishes together. Phooey.

I suppose there is still a slight distinguishable ombre happening, so I guess I didn't fail too bad. Har har har, let me know what you guys think! :P

Thursday, 20 September 2012

NOTD - Cath Kidston Inspired Floral Nails!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the lack of posts and updates. I've been extremely busy with school work because for some odd reason I thought it would be rational to have my presentations during the 2nd week of school and to just get them out of the way. Speaking of thinking rationally, my presentation was actually about "Rational Choice Theory". Har har, but I'll spare you the details. (But I encourage to read on it, it's actually extremely interesting and applicable to every day life. :D )

Anyways, aside from my ramblings I want to share one of my all time favourite nail art. I drew inspiration from Cath Kidston because I absolutely adore her bags! I'm not entirely sure if I can find authentic Cath Kidston bags here in Vancouver, but if anyone knows where I might be able to find some please link me!

I'm not going to lie, drawing the flowers were extremely difficult for me. My artistic ability is really limited and I struggled a lot. I had to redo them a couple of times because they looked like big blobs of nothing. For the flowers and leaves, I used a toothpick but you can most definitely use anything with a fine tip. 

I had a nail art party with the bestie! She did her floral prints on a Mint Green background instead! Super cute, I definitely want to try this out soon. I apologize for the weird lighting in this picture, our shadows blocked a lot of the light and I had to amp the brightness. :(

Oh I do have something else to share before I sign off. It's my birthday today! :D My crafty friend M hand made a birthday card for me!

How freaking adorable is this?! She knows I'm into nail art and she even got my ombred hair! Much love to everyone who celebrated my birthday today! <3 You all know who you are! 

Ps. I finally received my Floral Back Pack! Definitely expect the promised review on it soon! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Floral Back Pack!

Click here for Updated Review


I recently purchased a new back pack for school and I can't wait until it arrives! I posted it on Soompi's "WHAT DID YOU BUY TODAY" thread and I received many private messages asking where I had bought it. 

I purchased this bag for ridiculously cheap at $15.44 CAD including shipping. Unfortunately the seller on ebay is currently out of stock, but I encourage you to do a quick ebay search under "Floral Backpack" and I guarantee you'll be able to find it. :) 

It comes in different colours like white, pink, brown and blue but I chose black because I wanted something a little more subtle. I even jokingly told my friend, "I really don't want to be known as the girl with the blue floral backpack on campus" LOL 

I was also requested to do a review on the quality of the bag. I'll definitely update with a new blog post on my first impressions of the bag! 

Thank you for reading <3

Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD - Corals and Pastels

Hello all! I'm back to share another Nail of the Day! Originally I had wanted to update a NOTD prior to this one.. unfortunately to my dismay, my polish was ruined after a day at work. I was a receptionist for the day at a busy nail bar that required a lot of hands on work. I suppose not even a good top coat could prevent it from happening. :(

The gorgeous coral colour is Tart Deco by Essie. I'm usually not a huge fan of the Essie Formula alone, but when paired with a good base coat underneath.. the application is like a dream!

On the ring fingers, I have two polishes by Revlon called Lilac Pastelle and Popular. They are of the exact same colour, but one minus the mulit-sized chunks of silver glitter. I chose to apply Lilac Pastelle underneath Popular because I wanted the polish to go on opaque as Popular is a very sheer polish.

Revlon - Popular // Revlon - Lilac Pastelle // Essie - Tart Deco

Until next time! <3

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

NOTD - Galaxy Nails


I finally accomplished the ever so popular Galaxy nails! I followed the tutorial on Christina's Blog and I think they turned out pretty well if I say so myself! :D

If you're a huge nail polish junkie like myself, Galaxy nails are a perfect way to utilize your neglected colours from your nail polish collection.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Galaxy print shirt but I don't like buying them from ebay just because shipping takes forever and a day. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one, please link away!!

Let's hope I get in the habit of posting more Nails of the Day!

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Hello all!

My name is Eliza and welcome to my blog!

To be honest, I don't really know much about blogging, but I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and contribute back to the beauty blogging sphere. :P

Hopefully the content I'll be blogging will be of interest to many of you!